“BA-Mobil” – New Customer App Expands Digital Offering

With the introduction of the new customer app “BA-Mobil”, customers of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) can address their unemployment insurance needs by contacting their local employment agency even faster and around the clock.

12 Feb 2021 | Press release no.6


With the new app, the BA’s IT department has developed a mobile companion that provides up-to-date information, important notifications and useful functions securely and conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.

Dr. Markus Schmitz, Chief Representative of the BA: “I am very excited that we are expanding our eService offerings with the new app. This is another important step on the path of express digitalisation that we embarked on so successfully last year under the difficult conditions of the Corona pandemic. With the new app ‘BA-Mobil’, we are contributing an important piece of the puzzle to the ongoing digitalisation of our agency.”

From the notification service to the appointment overview: Several useful functions at a glance

To log in to the app, customers use the same access data they use to log in to the BA’s online portal.

The app’s functions include a notification service in the form of push notifications, which direct the user to any unread messages and current information. Similar to the online portal, customers also have access to a service and placement mailbox. They can write directly to their adviser and view and send messages on placement issues (job exchange mailbox) and services.

With the contact ad function, app users can get in touch with the BA quickly and securely - around the clock. As an additional aid, the route to the relevant employment agency can be viewed via the mobile device’s map application.

Past and upcoming appointments are also displayed and can be saved in the calendar app. Dates with legal consequences are marked accordingly.

“BA-Mobil” is being developed further

The app will be supplemented with further functions from the online portal in the coming months. Customer feedback forms the basis for further gradual expansion.

The “BA-Mobil” app can be searched for in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store using the terms “ba mobil” or “ba-mobil” and downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.


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