Online child benefit application now without printout and signature – thanks to ELSTER certificate

With immediate effect, after the birth of a baby, child benefit can now be applied for entirely electronically by means of an ELSTER certificate. The thus paperless procedure helps cut down on red tape, is sustainable, and reduces costs.

18 May 2022 | Press release no.25

Until now, customers of the BA's family benefits offices were already able to fill in an online child benefit application for their newborn child using the Internet portal, but then had to print out and sign it for submission.

The novelty is that our Familienkasse [Family Benefits institution] together with the Bavarian State Tax Authority have made it possible, using the ELSTER certificate, to apply for child benefit without the need of a printout and a handwritten signature, enabling a completely electronic transfer of the allowance. For years now, ELSTER has been used successfully for the digital transfer of income tax returns.

With this service, the Familienkasse continues to reduce bureaucracy and supports families by means of a digital, less time-consuming online application.

However, the use of ELSTER is optional – the application for child benefit following a birth can as before still be filled in online without using this certificate, and then submitted by signing on paper.

Good to know: an ELSTER certificate can be applied for from the revenue authorities, and offers the upmost in protection and safety of transfer of confidential customer data. Find out more at

All further information on child benefit and the child supplement can be accessed online at