Assistance under one roof: Job centres responsible from June onwards for refugees from Ukraine

From June 1, persons who have fled from the Ukraine since February 2022 will be given assistance by the Job Centres. They will then transfer from the AsylbLG [Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act] to SGB II [Basic Provision for Jobseekers].

23 May 2022 | Press release no.26

Residence permit required

Applications for basic provision services can already be made, and these are decided upon once the statutory provisions for the change in the legal system have been adopted. The legal requirement for access to SGB II benefits is a so-called Fiktionsbescheinigung [Probationary certificate]-or a residence permit pursuant to Section 24 of AufenthG [German Residence Act] and an identification procedure, in other words unmistakable proof of identity, or at least the storage of data in the AZR [Central Register of Foreign Nationals]. Replacement certificates, which the Foreigners' Registration Authority have issued until 31 May 2022 shall be accepted until 31 October 2022.

Additionally, the further requirements for access to basic provision such as neediness and earning capacity must exist. An appointment ought to be made for the application, in case there is a need to call in an interpreter.

As long as these refugees are not yet provided for by the Job Centres, they can continue to seek advice and support for a start in the job market by contacting the Employment Agency. The service hotline in Ukranian and Russian can be reached at 0911 178-7915.

All aid under one roof

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the Job Centres assist all persons who have experienced displacement in equal measure, regardless of their origins. For the refugees from the Ukraine, the transfer from the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act to basic provision means an increase in the standard rate, and the actual cost of accommodation will be covered. Furthermore, these persons will be included in the statutory health insurance scheme.

When entering the job and apprenticeship market, the Job Centres provide advice and support. As an initial measure, the refugees can be assisted in looking for child care, learning the language and for recognition of school and vocational certificates, if required. After that, support in finding a job, gaining qualifications and furthering one's education as well as assistance in recognising vocational certificates and diplomas can be provided. The target is to find these people jobs which suit their training.

Both the Bundestag and the Bundesrat [German Federal Parliament and Federal Council] have already decided upon the legal provisions. For the law to take effect, it must also be published in the Federal Law Gazette.

The application for SGB II benefits can also be made online. The application form, available in German, can be accessed on the following page: Antrag auf Arbeitslosengeld II stellen.