Nurses from abroad

Federal Employment Agency signs placement agreement with Indonesia

27 Aug 2021 | Press release no.30

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The Federal Employment Agency has signed its first placement agreement after the new German Skilled Workers Immigration Act with the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Board (IMWPB) of the Republic of Indonesia. This provides the basis for the recruitment and placement of Indonesian nurses for hospitals, clinics and care facilities in Germany by the Federal Employment Agency.

“We consider the placement agreement with Indonesia to be a milestone in breathing life into the German Skilled Workers Immigration Act,” said Daniel Terzenbach, the Federal Employment Agency’s Director, Regions, at the signing of the placement agreement. “Placement agreements create a reliable and transparent framework for a fair migration that is also in the spirit of the partner countries. It is our intention for this placement agreement to be followed by more such agreements so that we can acquire the skilled workers that the German labour market is lacking in other professions too.” On the Indonesian side, the agreement was signed by Benny Rhamdani, Head of the IMWPB. Because of the pandemic, the signing took place virtually.

In addition to the good earning and development opportunities, Rhamdani particularly emphasised the high labour standards in Germany, which also apply to foreign workers. The placement agreement also makes it easier for participating nurses to enter the country; they do not have to start the accreditation process for their foreign professional qualifications until after their arrival in Germany. The “Triple Win” programme implemented in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH also accompanies them through the entire language learning and visa process, as well as supporting them with their integration in Germany.

The recruitment of the first nurses could be complicated at the moment in view of the pandemic situation. It is supposed to start this year if possible, in close consultation with the partners in Indonesia. This is subject to the tense pandemic situation allowing this to happen. After their selection, the nurses will undergo several months of linguistic and professional preparation in their home country for their new job in Germany. The first nurses are not expected to enter Germany and start work earlier than the second half of 2022 in any case. At the request of the Indonesian partners, the placement agreement for Indonesian nurses is only open to recruitments with the involvement of the Federal Employment Agency and does not allow any use by private placement companies.


The German Skilled Workers Immigration Act, which entered into force on 1st March 2020, allows the Federal Employment Agency to conclude placement agreements with third countries in accordance with Section 16d (4) German Residence Act, which relates to the recruitment and placement of skilled workers. Placement agreements allow the skilled workers from the partner countries to not start the accreditation procedure for their foreign professional qualifications until after they have entered Germany. Normally, an accreditation certificate must be presented before the visa is granted. Therefore, placement agreements enable the required skilled workers to enter the country more quickly than would otherwise be possible.