Christina Ramb takes over as chairperson of the BA's Administrative Board

The Administrative Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has elected Christina Ramb as its Chairperson. She is a member of the Executive Board of the German Employers's Association (BDA).

08 Jul 2022 | Press release no.33

Anja Piel has been elected Deputy Chairperson of the Administrative Board. Piel is a member of the National Executive Board of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB).

This event at the same time marks a turning point, because the six-year period of office of the previous Administrative Board ended on 30 June 2022. Several, in some cases long-serving members have left, whereas others have been appointed for the first time or re-appointed to the BA's highest self-governing committee by Hubertus Heil, the Federal Minister of Labour. A new six-year period of office commenced for around 2,800 members and their deputies in the administrative boards of all Employment Agencies. These were appointed by the Administrative Board.

Christina Ramb declared on the occasion of the change of office: "The BA still faces great challenges. An aggravation of the Ukraine War and the energy, raw material and supply crisis could continue to affect the labour market. The shortage of skilled labour can increasingly be seen and felt in many sectors, and at the same time we are experiencing structural change. The BA is taking on a major role in placing skilled workers and supporting necessary qualification measures. The handling of short-term work remains a further challenge. The newly structured Administrative Board will do all it can to support the new Executive Board and jointly develop feasible solutions."

Deputy Chairperson Anja Piel declared the following: "Every time people flee to Germany due to hardship and war, language, care and integration projects have to be intensified to help them in their difficult situation. Local networks support this immigrant-friendly policy. As a reliable contact point, the BA makes an indispensible contribution towards integrating people effectively in the labour market, no matter where they are from."

The final executive member of the Administrative Board is Dr. Yvonne Kaiser. Dr. Kaiser heads the Labour Market Policy department of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and is the Administrative Board spokeswoman for the Public Entities Group. She is the successor of Vanessa Ahuja, who on 1 May 2022 was appointed to the BA's Executive Board.

The Administrative Board is the supervisory and advisory body of the BA's central self-governing unit.