Recognition of Qualifications

You possess a foreign school leaving certificate or university degree? You have learnt a profession in your native country? In such cases you may apply to have your qualifications recognised in Germany.

Prepare your documents.

In order that your qualifications might be recognised you require your testimonials and certificates. Whether the recognition of your qualifications is indeed necessary or not depends upon your choice of profession.

In Germany there are professions for which you must fulfil certain preconditions – and ones that are not governed by any regulations. Here you will find the list of regulated professions in Europe.

Documents required for recognition:

  • Application for the recognition of your qualifications (cf. "Recognition in Germany")
  • Identification documents and proof of any name changes
  • Residence permit (for refugees/asylum seekers: “Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender/Certificate of Registration as an Asylum Seeker”)
  • Testimonials and a CV in tabular form

In some cases further proofs are necessary. You can find additional information on this topic at "Recognition in Germany". You may also contact the advice centres of the Support Programme IQ.

Have your testimonials translated.

Whether your testimonials are from a school, university or work – you will, generally speaking, require expert translations thereof for your files. You may commission a state-recognised/sworn interpreter or translator with this task. You can obtain the addresses from, for example your employment agency or job centre.

Tipp:Good to know: also have your documents authenticated by state-recognised/sworn interpreters or translators, should they be entitled to do so.

Have your testimonials authenticated.

Have your testimonials authenticated so that you will be able to prove that your qualification is valid.

Should your interpreters/translators not be entitled to authenticate your testimonials, the following parties may also do so:

  • District Administrators’ Offices (Landratsämter)
  • City and community administration (town hall)
  • Courts
  • Notaries

Submit your documents for recognition.

There are a number of different contacts for the recognition of your foreign qualifications. You may use the so-called Recognition Finder to help you find the right party.

Discover your possibilities.

After your application has been processed you may receive notification of the equivalence of your qualifications. You will then have the possibility of working in your profession. Discover the professional paths you may follow in Germany.

Your Possibilities