Help for refugees from Ukraine

We will inform you about the advisory services available to you and tell you where you can find further information and assistance.

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If you have just arrived in Germany, you have many questions about how things can now continue for you. We inform you on this page where you can find help and support. First with your arrival in Germany and later, when you are ready, also with your search for a job or apprenticeship.

As a refugee from Ukraine, your protection status is regulated by an EU directive. This means that you do not have to make an application for asylum. Apart from this, you will receive a residence permit which will make it possible for you to work in Germany, to receive training or to study.

You can find information residence, accommodation and financial support on the following sites:

You can find information on the subjects of childcare and attending school on the following sites:

Working in Germany

If you are looking for a job or training position in Germany, we are here for you: We will help you in the search for suitable work. We will also advise you and convey concrete job offers to you.

We can also provide you with additional support on your path to working in Germany with various measures: for example, bearing the costs of applications, coaching and courses.

We will be happy to discuss the details with you. Please contact the employment agency in the town where you live in Germany. You can find the contact to your employment agency via the office finder.

Office finder

Further information: