Register employees for assembly and disassembly: Upload documents

Register your employees for assembly and disassembly – with or without a user account. If you have any questions, please contact your employer service using the contact information provided at the bottom of the page.

Prepare documents

Check whether all required documents are filled in completely and have been signed personally if required. Please do not use an electronic signature.

Ensure that you have all required documents available in a file format meeting the following technical requirements:

  • positiv:maximum file size: 9 MB
  • positiv:allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF

Documents for registration (“notification”)

Please have the following documents available in a file format:

  • positiv:Notification of the assembly/disassembly of mechanical equipment / EDP programs
  • positiv:Assembly, disassembly, supply or purchase contract 
  • positiv:Description of the plant, machine or software (informal)
  • positiv:Description of the employees’ work tasks (informal)
  • positiv:For disassembly: confirmation of reconstruction, place of reconstruction (informal)
  • positiv:Names of all the employees assigned to the task
  • positiv:Copies of the passports of the relevant personnel

Sending documents online 

You may also transmit all documents we need for the registration online – even if you do not have a user account with Bundesagentur für Arbeit. 

Reporting the work assignment using a user account

Reporting the work assignment using your user account offers the following benefits:

  • Your company data have already been submitted. 
  • You can check the processing status online at any time.


Once you have reported the work assignment, you can send us additional documents:

Submit documents

Reporting the work assignment without a user account

You can send us documents by uploading them. This does not require a user account. Please note: This digital service is primarily offered for companies domiciled in a foreign country.

Register work assignment

Once you have reported the work assignment, you can send us additional documents:

Submit documents

Information on work assignments of foreign employees

Employer service

We will be happy to provide personal assistance. Please contact us by phone or via the contact form:

0800 4 555520 (Calls are free)

Questions on employee work assignments

If you have any questions on employee work assignments, please contact the team at the Stuttgart Employment Agency. You can reach them by phone or email.

+49 228 50208 2453

+49 228 50208 2455