Working and living in Germany

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OnlineWorkshops - Our presentation topics:

Module I: “Working and Living in Germany”

  • Germany and the German labour market
  • Need for skilled workers in Germany
  • Visa regulations
  • Wages, taxes, and social benefit programs
  • Recognition of international professional qualifications


Module II: (this module changes every month")

Special OnlineWorkshops – Working in the IT sector:

24.11.2021 "Working in the IT sector" 10am (german time)

Special OnlineWorkshops - Working in the health sector:

27.10.2021 "Working in the health sector" 10am (german time)

22.12.2021 "Working in the health sector" 10am (german time)

Specials in deutscher Sprache: "Deutsche Rückkehrende - Ihre Rückkehr nach Deutschland":