Our goals - our strategy "BA 2025"

The way we work undergoes changes - and with those, the ways we work for you also changes. And we respond to the challenges ahead with our strategy "BA 2025".

Specialists for Companies

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In the coming 10 - 20 years, the number of available employees will significantly decline; many will retire and at the same time, there will not be a sufficient number of employees from the younger generations. The way we react to the demographic change is, we intensively support employers to train and recruit specialists - in our and, where necessary, in foreign countries, also.

A Network of Counselling for Young People

For young people, the transition from school to work should be as smooth as possible. In order to facilitate this, we have made the networking with schools and companies even more intensive. Those who wish to complete vocational education should receive specialised counselling, as soon as possible. For example, the youth employment agencies we introduced a few years ago, provide such services. We will continue to expand this offer.

Well advised throughout a working career

Societal developments such as digitisation or the effects of demographic change with an aging population are changing the working career of individuals.

The demands in occupations are changing, new occupations are emerging, and others become obsolete. Employees change jobs or careers more often than before. That is why we are increasingly relying on individual career counselling, which not only covers unemployment but also all other phases of employment throughout the active years.

Opportunities for the disadvantaged

People who are disadvantaged in the labour market often also have problems participating in social life. We would like to increase their participation in society. Depending on their group- or individual needs, we help them find work, counsel or assist them in obtaining qualifications.

In doing so, we keep an eye on the whole person and work together with other institutions if that helps to overcome problems.

Digital Services for all Customers

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We want you to be able to utilise our offers and services without much effort. Online offers that you can use conveniently at home or on the road should save you time-consuming visits with the agencies.

The first steps have already been taken - for example with the online Job Seeker Report for Employees, the Online Company Employment Certificate or the Online Child Allowance Application.

At the same time, we place great importance on in-person meetings. We will also counsel you personally in the future in the offices or via the phone.

Latest Know-how for our Employees

The employees are and will remain our most important assets. In the future, we will invest even more in the qualification of specialists and executives. In this way, we want to make sure that we continue to support you in the best possible way.