Vocational training is the future!

On Monday, “Vocational Training Week” gets underway in Germany. In a variety of campaigns, federal employment agencies, Jobcenters, careers advice centres for young people as well as their partners will speak in favour of in-company vocational training and provide information about the opportunities it offers to both young people and businesses.

10 Mar 2023 | Press release no.14

The motto of this year’s campaign week from 13th to 17th March 2023 is “Vocational training is the future”. At present, the chances of finding a vocational training position, or an apprenticeship, are good. The number of vocational training positions reported by companies to the federal employment agencies between October 2022 and February 2023 continued to increase in comparison with the previous year. Overall, businesses reported 424,000 more vocational training positions, 9,000 than a year ago. At the same time, the number of applicants fell by 2,000 to 282,000. For companies, filling vocational training positions is increasingly challenging.

Before this backdrop, during Vocational Training Week, young people and their parents can learn all about the advantages that vocational training offers. The topics of the individual events, of which approximately 400 are taking place across Germany, are wide-ranging. In addition to more specifically-oriented events such as “Green jobs – I want to work with the environment” or “Paths to nursing and care – a profession with heart and soul”, there are also practical tips, such as “Your application dossier”, “Finding your dream internship”, or “Become a pro! How to find your apprenticeship.” 

During the campaign week, the federal employment agencies, Jobcenters, careers advice centres for young people and their partners in the vocational training market highlight the many different apprenticeships which are available in 324 vocational training occupations: careers advisors provide information in personal discussions, by telephone, by video or at events about careers and the requirements for being able to embark on an apprenticeship, and respond to questions about vocational training, applications and internships.

As part of the Vocational Training Week, the service for employers at the federal employment agencies also informs those responsible for training in companies all about how they can use in-company training to secure the skilled staff they will need tomorrow, how they can present themselves as an attractive training company to young people, and which recruitment channels are the best for attracting apprentices. Here is an example of a specific event title: “How to secure skilled staff – with part-time vocational training!”. In addition, funding opportunities will also be presented which help stabilise the vocational training conditions and support apprentices with the successful completion of their vocational training qualification.

Andrea Nahles, CEO of the Federal Employment Agency: “Young people who complete vocational training are well equipped for the labour market. The market for apprenticeships is very good at present, and covers a very wide range of occupations. Despite this, young people still seem to go for the same 20 occupations. During Vocational Training Week, we therefore offer a wide variety of information and support. We want to highlight the full range of opportunities available on the vocational training market to young people so that they are able to develop a sustainable and suitable plan for their future. During the campaign week, we also offer wide-ranging support to companies, who are faced with increasing challenges in filling their available apprenticeships.”

Further information on Vocational Training Week is available on the page #AusbildungKlarmachen (available in German). 

Wichtig:Many of the offers for Vocational Training Week are also listed on the local websites of the federal employment agencies and the careers advice centres for young people.