Fake email being sent to employers on short-time working allowance

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) would like to warn employers about a fraudulent email. The senders want to access personal data.

02 Apr 2020 | Press release no.21

Employers and companies around Germany are currently receiving dubious emails from kurzarbeitergeld@arbeitsagentur-service.de. In the email, employers are asked to provide specific information about themselves, their company and their employees to receive short-time working allowance.
The sender does not provide a phone number for enquiries.
Employers should not reply to the email under any circumstances – please delete it immediately.
The email is not being sent by the BA.
The BA does not ask employers to apply for short-time working allowance via email.


Companies can receive more information on applications for short-time working allowance by calling the free central hotline for employers (0800 4 5555 20).

The allowance can only be granted if employers report short-time working arrangements. Employers can report short-time working arrangements by phone or online. The form for reporting reduced working hours and more information on short-time working allowance can be found in the “Short-Time Working Allowance” section of the BA website.