Child bonus – One-off payment for families in 2021

This year, those entitled to child benefit will once again receive a one-off payment, this time in the amount of €150.

23 Mar 2021 | Press release no.12

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With the Third Corona Tax Support Act for 2021, the Federal Government has passed a child bonus of €150 to support families in the coronavirus crisis again this year.

The child bonus is available for every child who is or was entitled to child benefit for at least one month in 2021. The one-off payment is not offset against social benefit and does not have to be applied for separately.

Families who receive child benefit in May 2021 will also receive the child bonus in May. The payment will be made a few days after the regular child benefit payment. For children for whom there is or was an entitlement to child benefit before or after 2021, the child bonus will be paid at a later date. 

The child bonus is always paid to the child benefit beneficiary who last received child benefit for the respective child. Changes of address and account data should therefore be reported to the competent regional Family Benefits Office. This can also be done conveniently at under “Report changes”.

You can also find all the latest information on the child bonus on our special page

Good to know: The application for child benefit itself can also be filled out directly online at