Corona supplement and child bonus

150 euros each will be paid in May 2021

28 Apr 2021 | Press Release No. 17

The Corona supplement is intended to alleviate the burdens of several months of lockdown for people who receive basic income support or social benefits. Anyone who is single or a single parent or lives with a partner in a community of need will receive a one-time Corona supplement of 150 euros. The prerequisite is that there is an entitlement to basic income support or social benefit in May 2021. This also applies to adults who live with their parents and for whom child benefit is not taken into account as income. The one-off payment will be paid automatically from mid-May 2021. The credit will be issued from calendar week 19. A separate application is not necessary. A corresponding notice will be sent.

You can find more information on the benefits of basic security on our website Benefits of basic security.

In addition, families who are entitled to child benefit in May 2021 will receive a child bonus of 150 euros. The payment will be made a few days after the regular child benefit payment. For children entitled to child benefit in another month, the child bonus is always paid in the respective month. The one-off payment is not offset against social benefit and does not have to be applied for separately.

You can find more information on the child bonus on our website Child bonus: Entitlement, payment, amount.


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