Special arrangements for the short-time allowance extended until 30th June 2022

The legislator has decided to extend the special arrangements regarding short-time work until 30th June 2022. The amendment to the law includes simpler access to the short-time allowance, the entitlement to receive increased rates of benefits, as well as opportunities to earn additional income during periods of short-time work.

29 Mar 2022 | Press release no.14

There is an entitlement to short-time allowance if at least 10 percent of employees experience a loss of pay greater than 10 percent. In addition to this, the build-up of negative working time balances will continue to be waived until 30.06.2022. Support is also available for contract employees in temporary employment. The period of entitlement will be extended to up to 28 months for employees whose entitlement to the short-time allowance initially arose prior to 30th June 2021, although this will expire on 30th June 2022. For employees on short-time working arrangements who have experienced a wage loss of at least 50 percent, the short-time allowance will continue to be topped up until the end of June. From the fourth month of receipt – calculated from March 2020 – to 70 percent (77 percent for those who have children) and from the seventh month to 80 percent (87 percent for those who have children) of the lost net pay.

Until the end of June, it will still be possible for those in short-time work to earn additional income in a mini job that they have taken up since the start of the period of short-time work on a non-deductible basis.
If the short-time work is combined with vocational training which fulfils specific requirements, half of the social security contributions will be reimbursed for the lost working hours up until July 2023.

Key information on the short-time allowance and on training during periods of short-time work is available on the website of the Federal Employment Agency:
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