Special regulations on short-time allowances partly extended until the end of September

The German cabinet has adopted a regulation to prolong easy access to short-time allowances.

01 Jul 2022 | Press release no.32

Until 30 September 2022, companies are still eligible if at least ten percent of their staff have a loss of working hours of more than ten percent. Furthermore, the accumulation of negative working balances shall be dispensed with. This easier access also includes companies which have started reporting short time from 1 July 2022 or have again done so following an interruption of at least three months.

What remains unchanged is that 50% of social security contributions shall be reimbursed for lost working hours until July 2023 at the latest if short-time work is linked to further education under certain conditions.

Some pandemic-related special regulations have been phased out

Some of the special regulations were discontinued on 30 June 2022. From 1 July 2022, the following regulations continue to be valid. Employees receive 60 percent of lost net income (67 percent if the employees have children) as a short-time allowance. Short-time allowances can generally be claimed for up to 12 months. Additional income earned in marginal employment ('minijobs') from the start of short time may be offset against the short-time allowance. Temporary workers are not eligible for short-time allowances.

The most important information on short-time allowances and qualification during short time can be found on the Federal Employment Agency (BA) website:

Corona-Virus: Informationen für Unternehmen zum Kurzarbeitergeld

[Covid-19: Information for companies concerning short-time allowances]

Förderung von Weiterbildung

[Funding of further education]

Overview of regulations

 Previously limited until 30 June 2022As of 1 July 2022
Duration of benefitsUp to 28 months; until 30 June 2022 at the latest.Up to 12 months
Level of benefits

From the 4th reference month: 70/77* percent of lost net income if at least 50 percent of income is lost

From the 7th reference month:

80/87* percent of lost net income if at least 50 percent of income is lost

*employees with at least one child

60/67* percent of lost net income

*employees with at least one child

Minijobs ['Marginal' part-time jobs]Additional income from marginal employment remains exemptAdditional income from marginal employment taken up during short time is credited
Temporary workersReceipt of short-time allowance possibleReceipt of short-time allowance no longer possible