Are you interested in a textile apprenticeship?

Useful information about the vocational training in Germany

In Germany, the term "dual vocational apprenticeship” describes training programmes that take place in two learning facilities, the company and the vocational school. You receive direct insight into the work environment and can link theory and practice while learning. You conclude a training contract with your training company for the duration of your vocational training (as a rule 2-3.5 years) and receive a monthly training compensation. This is increased annually. You are also insured during the training period. You have a contact partner within the training company with whom you can speak directly if you have questions. Attendance at a vocational school is an obligation for every trainee. Instruction takes place either weekly for one or two days, or “in a block”, thus for a few weeks at a time, e.g. quarterly in a vocational school. The vocational school may not be in the same place as your training company.

You also have good further education opportunities in Germany with a completed apprenticeship.

Information on vocations in the textile field can be found under  

If you have completed your schooling and are interested in learning a textile vocation, we look forward to receiving your application.

At a minimum, you should already have German language skills at the B1 level (see gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen) so that you can understand the instruction in the vocational school. Naturally you should also be interested in expanding your language abilities.

Additional information on a dual vocational apprenticeship in Germany