Support for Refugees from Ukraine

Have you fled Ukraine, and do you need financial help or are you seeking work? The Job Centres and Employment Agencies are available to assist you.

You will find contact persons at the job centres and the employment agencies who are able to help you with living and working in Germany. We can support you with ...

  • Ensuring your subsistence. Monthly financial support is also available to you, which is known as Unemployment Benefit II (or “basic security”) [Arbeitslosengeld II (“Grundsicherung”)].
  • Applying for child benefit.
  • Getting your career started in Germany. For this purpose, we can give you free advice on questions regarding training, work and further education, and can arrange suitable job and support offerings for you

Financial security with Unemployment Benefit II [Arbeitslosengeld II]

To receive Unemployment Benefit II, you must provide the following:

  • a residence permit or
  • a provisional residence permit (known as a “Fiktionsbescheinigung”, or a substitute certificate issued by the Foreign Residents’ Registration Office, as long as it was issued by 31st May 2022)

You are also required to fulfil other requirements to receive Unemployment Benefit II. You can find out what these are in the “Brief information on unemployment benefit II / social benefit” (Kurzinformation Arbeitslosengeld II / Sozialgeld), which you can download in English, Ukrainian and Russian on the following page: Information material to download

Fill out application

You are required to apply for Unemployment Benefit II at the Job Centre. The forms that you require for this are only available in German. However, information to help you fill in the forms is also available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. You can download this information on the following page: Information material to download

In the application itself, you provide basic information, for example, on whether you live alone or have children to care for. Depending on how you live, you may have to provide information on additional forms which are referred to as enclosures. These are linked to the application. Please submit them in the Job Centre together with your application. We can only process your application if all documents are complete.

Download application for Unemployment Benefit II

Further information on how to make an application is available on our webpage Unemployment Benefit II: Application and notice. This page is only available in German.

Sending documents to the Job Centre

Send the completed and signed application to your responsible Job Centre. You can do this by using the online upload service or by post.

Once your application has been verified, you will receive a written reply from the Job Centre by post.

To ensure that you receive the documents in the post, make sure that your surname is on your letterbox at your home address. If you live with family, friends or acquaintances, your name should also be attached to the letterbox. If this is not possible, please tell us the name of the family that you are staying with.

Send online

You can use our upload service to send your application and any other documents directly to your Job Centre:

Start upload

Send by post

You can find the address via the Job Centre search option. To do this, enter the postcode for your place of residence in the search field:

Find Job Centre


Applying for child benefit

Schwangere Frau mit Mädchen

Child benefit is available in Germany for children who have fled Ukraine. Child benefit is financial support to ensure that children are provided for. The key important information on this benefit is available on our page Child benefit for refugees from Ukraine.

Make use of our advice

The advice given by the Employment Agency or the Job Centre is free of charge. Our goal is for you to find a job or an apprenticeship as soon as possible so that you are able to finance your own living expenses.

To do this, please arrange a personal consultation appointment. If you have applied for Unemployment Benefit II, your contact partner is the Job Centre. In all other cases, you can approach the Federal Employment Agency.

If you speak little or no German: Make an appointment and say that you need an interpreter. You can also bring a person with you to the appointment whom you trust and who is able to translate for you.

      The Federal Employment Agency or Job Centre which is responsible for you depends on your place of residence. You can find the address via the service point search:

      Find a service point

      We can also support you with other issues, and are able to point you in the direction of additional contact points in Germany that can help you. Tell the advisor during your consultation if, for example, you ..

      • are looking for a German course,
      • need information on childcare,
      • would like to have your qualifications recognised in Germany.